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Ian M.

Recently purchased a 4' rack. WOW! I have never seen a more durable, well designed wood rack and the cover system is great! Even better, free replacement parts. I have a puppy that accessed the top of our new rack from our deck and he decided to chew all of the caps from the vertical arms. When I called the customer service person took my address and then I waited for him to ask for my credit card information. He said; "No problem, it's on us"! Customer service isn't dead! Thanks!

Lou Anne G.

We bought a 10 foot rack and a 3 foot rack over ten years ago. They've weathered the extremes of Chicago weather and look as good as the day we received them. This year I finally needed to replace the covers and the service I received from this family business will keep me loyal for the rest of my firewood days. They shipped so quickly; and though I mistakenly ordered incorrectly, they worked with their trademark efficiency to get my corrected order to me. Quality and service like this is a rare find. Thank you for both.

Genevieve H.

Easy to assemble. Very sturdy. I highly recommend this product.


We just placed an order and received confirmation for the Woodhaven wood rack (WR5) in brown with brown cover.  We have good friends who are now also new neighbors and we wanted to have this rack as a Christmas housewarming gift for them.  It appears your in stock availability and quick shipping will make sure it’s here before Christmas.


We ordered our original Woodhaven rack in 2004 and it still looks almost new and has been used regularly every year since we purchased it.  It has required no maintenance or repair (other than occasionally washing off the cover) in all these years…and we're still in shock that our gift to our friends and neighbors here in 2015 will be exactly the same cost as that which we paid in 2004.

An American made, well built, attractive, and most useful product, without any cheapening of construction or materials,  or any dramatic price increases in all these years.  We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your company!  So very rare these days…THANK YOU


I bought the Cord Plus Woodhaven firewood rack in 2011... I'm not easy on it. I move it off the patio every year... it never changes shape at all.. Powder coating has not chipped and is still perfect. Legs are in perfect shape too. Very sturdy product. Neighbor was impressed, he bought one as well. I highly recommend Woodhaven products.

Amazon Customer

I own one purchased from Amazon and the front flap has velcro from the bottom to the top on both sides. This allows loading wood into it by flipping the flap over the back completely. It also allows access to the wood from either end. This is very thick and sturdy and will last even though it is expensive. I did my research and this was the best one to buy.


"Transaction went as advertised. product is sturdy and does the job."

Amazon Customer

"Was on time and packaged well! The item was exactly what I was looking for and meets my expectation 100%. Thank you!"


"No problems with this company. Item delivered as promised and as ordered. Very satisfied."

Dawn Noonan

"exactly what we wanted."

Sandra H

"All Fine"

John Dempsey

"Everything went fine, item arrived in good shape by date promised"

Michael C R

"Already had two 10-footers and got this 8-footer to fit in a smaller space (now have three racks). Just like the two 10-footers, there was an extra assembly nut (thanks). The tools were cute, but I preferred to use a 7/16 socket and wrench.  "I got one of these and discovered that it was not enough, so I ordered a second one. As before, there was one extra assembly nut included (which is a lot better than missing one nut). Kudos to whoever thought to do this!!!"

The Woodhaven American Original
Firewood rack wood capacity is based on 24 inch length firewood.
The Woodhaven makes a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any wood storage need.

From our top of the line Artisan Collection to our Classic Woodhaven, you'll be sure you're buying quality - which has been the staple of our family business since 1927.



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Woodhaven American Original The
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Woodhaven American Original The