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Outdoor Firewood Racks

One of the biggest problems that consumers face when keeping a wood burning fireplace is obtaining firewood that will burn easily, with minimal smoke. An easy solution is to keep your firewood outdoors and off of the ground, where the sun and natural airflow can dry out the wood organically. That’s where our line of high quality fire racks makes the job easy – by elevating loose wood off of the ground where it can soak up moisture, we’ll keep your wood seasoned and dry, so that whenever you’re ready to start your next fire, your wood is ready for you.


Indoor Firewood Racks

Built with quality and class in mind, our selection of indoor firewood racks makes starting the fire that much easier. Nearly all of our models are handcrafted, making them not only functional in keeping your firewood out of an area where it can get cold and damp, but also a piece of art that you won’t want to be hidden.


Firewood Racks with Carriers

Though there is no lack of options when it comes to fireplace accessories, there can quickly become a lack of space beside your hearth if you don’t know what’s necessary and what isn't. Fortunately, with our line of firewood racks and carrier combinations, you can save space without sacrificing function, combining two crucial fireside tools into one cunning piece of artistry.


Woodhaven Firewood Racks

The Woodhaven Firewood Racks have a powder coat finish that provides tough corrosion resistance. This Firewood Rack will store your wood neatly for many years. Made in the USA, there is no other firewood rack in the market that is built to the level of quality as the Woodhaven.


Enjoy the tough and durable quality of these Firewood Racks - Made in the USA.