Q: Should I cover my wood?

A: All wood should be exposed to the elements of wind, rain and sun to allow wood to dry or season.  The Woodhaven Seasoning Cover allows most of the wood to be exposed.

Wood should have 20% or less moisture content for best burning.  


Q: Do I need a full cover?

A: Only seasoned wood with moisture content of 20% or less should be covered completely to avoid growing mold and fungus on the logs.


Q: What length of wood will a Woodhaven accommodate?

A: The Woodhaven standard line of firewood racks will hold logs 11” or longer.

The Crescent line holds logs

The Courtyard line holds logs


Q: Where are we located?

A: The Woodhaven line of Firewood Racks and accessories built by Alexander Manufacturing Co., Inc., is located in Parsons, KS 67357


Q: Are Woodhaven racks hard to put together?

A: The racks take about 15-30 minutes to put together depending on the length and design.  Of course, it is always more fun to have a helper, but it is not necessary.  There is a tab for how-to videos on the site to help aid in assembly.


Q: Are bases necessary?

A: Bases are only necessary if you will be placing the rack in an area that could potentially sink under the weight of the wood or would be uneven.  The bases are designed to stack so that several could be used if needed to level out the rack.  The bases also can be used on wood decks or other surfaces that may need protection.


Q: Can I get a custom rack made?

Since we are the manufacturer, we welcome the opportunity to design a rack that best fits your needs.  Please note that an additional charge may be applied to the customization.


Q: Is Woodhaven made in the USA?

Woodhaven products are all made in our plant in Kansas with US steel.  


Q: Are Woodhaven covers made in the USA?

A: Woodhaven covers have been made in China from a very durable material that was only produced in that country.  Recently, we have expanded our cover production to Haiti and our US cover production is close to home in Oklahoma.


Q: What kind of warranty is on the rack and cover?

A: Woodhaven proudly offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty on the rack itself.  If there is ever an issue with the paint or steel, we will gladly send replacement pieces at no additional cost.  

Since the Woodhaven cover is made of material, we cannot guarantee against wind, rodents, etc.  Issues with the construction of the cover can be addressed with covers that have been purchased within a reasonable time frame.  An order number would be required for consideration.


Q: Do you sell firewood?

A: Unfortunately, we do not sell firewood. We do sell premium firewood racks to store your firewood and keep it protected from the elements! If you are needing firewood and a Woodhaven Firewood Rack, check out our list of firewood dealers to see if there is one near you!