Why Spring is the Prime Time for Firewood Storage?

Why Spring is the Prime Time for Firewood Storage?

Once the winter is over, everyone feels relaxed and starts enjoying the warmth of the spring season. However, smart consumers start storing firewood for the next winter instead of just feeling relaxed. Firewood is readily available at a lower cost during the spring and summer seasons. The weather is also dry, helping in the proper seasoning for firewood storage.

In this blog, we will discuss why the spring season is the prime time for firewood storage along with some recommended products that can be beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why you should store firewood in the spring and summer seasons:

1. Easy Availability 

Firewood is often readily available and easier to access during this season. Many suppliers have extra stock from the previous winter, and they may even offer discounts to sell out their stock. Also, the ground is dry which makes it easier to transport and store firewood without any problem of mud or snow.

2. Seasoned Firewood

Firewood requires time to season properly (at least 6 months) before we can burn it efficiently. This process involves drying out the wood so that its moisture content is reduced. Spring allows sufficient time for freshly cut wood to follow this process so that it burns cleaner and produces more heat when harsh winter arrives.

3. Preventing Pests and Mold

Storing firewood outdoors during the warmer months makes pests or molds leave before you bring it indoors for burning. Insects like termites and beetles can wreak disaster if they enter your home, so giving them time to find new places outside is important.

4. Proper Storage

Building or repairing a proper storage area for firewood takes time and effort. Spring offers ideal weather conditions for constructing or repairing existing storage sheds or racks. You will have an ample amount of time to have a sturdy and organized space ready for your firewood storage.

5. Cost Savings

You can buy firewood in the off-season as it can help you save money. During this time many suppliers offer discounts or promotions to clear their old stock. It allows you to purchase quality firewood at a lower price as compared to the peak demand of winter.

6. Planning for the Future

Being ready for the future is the right thing to do, especially when it comes to heating your home. Firewood storage during springtime helps you avoid the last-minute rush and shortages that are common during winter. You will also be relaxed by knowing that you are well-prepared for the colder months.

A Few Recommended Products Required for Firewood Storage:

  • The Woodhaven 5ft Crescent Firewood Rack with Cover

Presenting the Woodhaven® 5ft Crescent Firewood Rack – a sturdy, rust-resistant solution to keep your firewood organized and dry. It features heavy-duty tubing, a powder coat finish, stainless-steel nuts, and bolts, and also includes a seasoning cover for efficient wood storage.

  • The Woodhaven 5 ft Firewood Rack

Get ready to stack your firewood in this spring season with Woodhaven Firewood Rack. It is made with 16-gauge heavy-duty US steel, ideal for firewood storage of heavy and 24" long wood logs.

  • The Woodhaven Firewood Cart

This Woodhaven Firewood Cart is suitable for carrying firewood, construction materials, or standard cardboard boxes. It is crafted with durable stainless steel and comes with a strong set of wheels.

  • USA-Made Full Covers with Zipper Closures

Woodhaven USA Full Cover is the perfect solution for covering your firewood stack. Keep your firewood dry and protected while effortlessly opening and closing the firewood cover with a convenient zipper closure.


Therefore, whether you are using firewood for heating or simply enjoy cozy fires during the colder months, spring is the prime time to think about firewood storage. By taking the early steps, you will be ready with a required supply of seasoned wood for the winter months ahead.

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